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📍 Graz, Austria


The Prohibition Stompers project was launched in late 2016 in Graz, Austria, and comprises seven early jazz enthusiasts from different corners of the world.
Their choice of music brings us back to the era referred to as the golden age of jazz or the roaring 20s, a period marked by boundless optimism and endless possibilities. This time was characterized by a booming economy, as well as the first widespread use of automobiles, telephones, radios, and other electrical appliances. The media was focused on celebrities, including sports stars like Babe Ruth and movie stars like Charlie Chaplin. As a result, the first pop-culture emerged with all the energy and madness of the period contained in the music. People began to dance to a fast-paced, rhythmic style of music known as stomp. The band strives to revive the spirit of that era, filled with new energy.

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Meet The Band

Marko Šolman – Trumpet, Vocals, Leader
Karel Eriksson – Trombone
Nicolò Loro Ravenni – Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Nobuo Watanabe – Piano
Simon Reithofer – Banjo
Tobias Steinrück – Bass
Christopher Zangl – Drums


May-Aug 2023
(Private gigs not listed)

27 May 2023 - w/ Cirque Rouge - Prohibition Ball @ Das Vindobona, AT Vienna
12 Jul 2023 @ Schloss Bruck, AT Lienz
05 Aug 2023 - feat. Tanja Filipovic - Dixie- & Swingfestival @ Autozentrum Harb, AT Gleisdorf
16 Aug 2023 @ Generalihof, AT Graz
27 Aug 2023 @ Musikpavillon - Grazer Stadtpark, AT Graz

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Video Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia

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Photo credits: Mark Völker and Simon Reithofer